Medu II

Medu II has been formed to make privately negotiated equity and equity-related investments.

Medu II had its final closing in May 2008. The fund has capital commitments of R900 million.

Erbacon Investment Holdings Limited

Date of Investment: December 2009

Medu II 51.9%
Current/Former Executive Management 25.1%
Financial Investor 12.3%
Public 10.7%
Date of investment realisation October 2013

Business Description

  • Erbacon Investment Holdings Limited ("Erbacon"), comprising Armstrong Construction and Civcon, is a medium sized construction company.
  • Erbacon is involved in the following industries:
    • Civil engineering in the mining, industrial and public sectors and
    • Commercial and industrial building.
  • Medu Capital exited the investment in 2013