Investment Process

Medu Capital has a well-established and disciplined investment process to ensure quick decision-making.

Sourcing opportunities

  • Deal flow is generated from a number of sources including internal generated research, intermediaries and networks of the management team.

Evaluation and due diligence

  • Each investment opportunity is initially screened against Medu Capitalís investment criteria and, if appropriate, a preliminary analysis will be performed to determine the investment profile, risks and attractiveness of the opportunity.
  • Once preliminary approval is obtained from the investment forum and the principal investment terms agreed with the third parties, the next stage will be to undertake an in-depth company due diligence investigation.

Investment committee and investment conclusion

  • The transaction proposal is presented to Medu Capitalís investment committee which reviews the proposal, based generally on criteria that include management background, industry and company analysis, valuation and capital structure.
  • After the Investment Committee approval, the necessary legal agreements, incorporating all the terms of agreement amongst the transaction parties, are concluded.

Monitoring and value enhancement

  • Medu Capital brings the varied capabilities and background of its professionals to bear in playing a highly proactive role in enhancing the strategic profile and profitability of each portfolio investment.
  • The Medu Capital team provides ongoing advice and support to portfolio companies at critical stages and is able to act decisively and knowledgeably in the event that the business does not develop as planned.

Liquidity and exit strategies

  • Exit strategies are pursued by Medu Capital in consultation with the management team of the portfolio company.